Talking to Clients On The 창원출장마사지 Massage Table

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This is something that I started to do when I was working at one of those big box 창원출장마사지 massage franchises and we only had ten minutes between clients. You had your 50 minutes, your 10 minutes, and then your next client slammed all together and that wasn’t a lot of time to do anything like say hello or even introduce yourself.

So what I started to do was take some of the things that I would put after the 창원출장마사지 massage or before the massage during the 창원출장마사지 massage, during the session, and I found that there were some benefits to that, some benefits to educating the client about their own body while they’re on the table that you just can’t get by trying to, you know, jam a whole lot of information after the massage when there are no teaching aids.

And I know you could have a chart on the wall but there’s nothing like talking to your client about their muscles while you’ve got your thumbs sunk into an interesting point. For instance, while you’re working on a client’s rotator cuff you can tell them what the heck a rotator cuff is.

Most people don’t know that their rotator cuff is a group of muscles because no one ever explains that. It just sounds like a cuff. Taking a moment to explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, can bring the client more in touch with their own body, kind of gives them an idea about what’s going on in an area that may have been mysterious or even scary, if they’ve been hurt there.

It also brings them on board with your treatment plan and with your reasoning. If we stay opaque and it’s difficult for a client to tell why we’re doing what we’re doing, sometimes it can seem like we’re wasting their time.

They don’t know why we’re working back here when they’ve got pain up here. They don’t know why we’re interested in their hips when the pain is in their low back. So by giving them this extra information by showing them with our hands that there can be a correlation between these two points, we can bring them on board with why we’re doing what they’re doing.

And that can have some interesting results. First of all, it can increase their satisfaction as a 창원출장마사지 massage client by knowing what we’re doing and why we’re doing it it can make them feel like they’re a partner in their treatment, which is how I always want it to seem.

Second, by bringing them on board, that can increase their compliance with homework, and by bringing them on board with our thinking like this that can be more effective than just saying go stretch or go use a foam roller.

We’re telling them the why of it. Telling them a little bit extra, can be enough to make them think, hey, this might be worth doing more of. Now, a big disclaimer, one thing that I don’t wanna do while I’m working on a client and they’re kind of at my mercy, this person is here, they’re trusting you with their body, what I don’t want is to stigmatize them.

I don’t want to talk to them or frame things in such a way that they leave with a complex or with new worries about their body. So, I talk about this in my knot video, the reason why I don’t like that term is because people can kind of carry it around with them for the rest of their lives.

Oh, I have knots. So when you’re telling them what you’re feeling, make sure to frame it in a way that is accepting and normalizing. And contrast that with, wow, you’ve got the tightest shoulders ever.

That’s not what I wanna tell my client. Some people like hearing things like that because they think of it as a competition but, for other people, that will make them worried, and that will be something that they think about for a long time.

So when I talk to people about their body, especially while I’m in contact with it, realize that that is a vulnerable moment, that that is a time of trust, and I want to give them a window into their body without making it seem scary or weird.

And, on that note, just realize that it is possible to overload a client with information. I don’t want to be explaining things or talking about things for any more than a few minutes in any given session, especially if they’re not responding.

If the client isn’t asking questions, if they’re not interested, then I will revert to silence and just go about the 창원출장마사지 massage. But if the client is interested, if they’ve got specific dysfunction or pain that they’re very interested in learning more about, then I’ll happily spend more time than that.

Just realize that you don’t need to spend your entire 60 minutes doing this. Let your client lead the way, as far as how much talking is going to happen during any given session. Here are some examples of some things I might talk to the client about during a 창원 therapy massage.

For instance, if I’m working with a client who has shoulder problems, they’ve got shoulder pain, they’ve got a limited range of motion, while I’m working with this rotator cuff, I will take the opportunity to tell them a little bit about it.

Now, Aly, do you feel anything there? – [Ali] Yep. – Okay, so sometimes I can be as non-specific as that but sometimes I have to let people know what I mean by that. In any case, once I have learned that they are feeling something in this area I’ll tell them a little about it.

So, this is one of your four rotator cuff muscles. This one turns your arm outward. It’s called the infraspinatus. And just in the past, I’ve seen a lot of correlation between tightness here and pain in the front of the shoulder.

So this is something that I’d like to work a little bit more with as we go forward. And once I’ve just given them that little bit of information, I can stop there or I can tell them a little bit more about these other muscles and how they are related.

Some other areas where it can be useful to talk to your client about their own body is where there’s a relationship between dysfunction and pain that they might not immediately find intuitive. So if someone tells me about their low back and they’ve permitted me to work with their hips, I’ll let them know that what I’m sinking into right now is the gluteus maximus and there can frequently be a relationship between tightness here and tightness and pain in the low back.

So as I’m working, let me know if you ever feel any referred pain in this other area, okay? – [Aly] Okay. – And it can also be useful when you’re working with areas that might not commonly be worked by other massage therapists.

So if I’m working with this hip region and I come around to the side and I’m making contact with gluteus medius, it can be useful to let them know why this area can be a little bit more intense, a little bit more sensitive.

And just let them know what you’re working on. And I like to throw out a little bit of information when I’m working with or planning to work with unusual muscles. So again, these are areas that other 김해출장마사지 aroma massage therapists might not necessarily work with, but these are also muscles that can be a little bit emotional.

Muscles can be kind of intense. So I like to, one, let them know more about their own body, but two, this is also important for getting informed consent. By letting them know where I’m working and why, they’re better able to say, I don’t want contact there.

For instance, if I am working with someone’s jaw and I think that it might be important to work with their SCM as well, I like to let them know a little bit about that. Aly, I’d like to work with a muscle on the front of your neck, it’s this ropy guy right here.

This can feel a little bit weird but if it feels at all like choking or anything like that, please let me know, okay? – Okay. – All right. All right, so that’s how I go about it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Let me know if you do much talking during a session and how you go about it. Let me know if you’re planning on trying any of this and if you’ve got any concerns about doing so. Thanks, as always, to my Patreon supporters.