ICE Icon

I’ve got an Android phone now, and wanted to set up an In Case of Emergency link on the main screen, and link it to my wife’s cell phone number. But it needed an icon, pne that will stand out, so I made this one, and made it available to everyone.

Right click image, and save to your computer.

To use it, you’ll need a launcher. Launchers are a way to modify the way Androids work. Other launchers might have the ability to change icons, but I found you can do it with a pretty cool launcher, ADW Launcher. I’ve tried out numerous launchers, but this one seems to be the least buggy one I’ve found to date, it’s low overhead, so it’s a winner in my book. You can grab a free copy of ADW Launcher here.

Here’s how to swap it out, and how to put a one click launcher to the phone number for emergency use.

You can get this image onto you phone a few different ways. You can browse to this page on your phone, select the ICE image, then save it to your phone. then follow the directions below to change the icon for your ICE contact.

Plug your phone into your computer and mount your SD Card. Once that pops up, you can create a new folder on your SD card and call it ‘My Icons’ or whatever your heart desires. Transfer the ICE image from your computer into the “My Icons’ folder on your phone’s SD card. Dismount your SD card. You can also do this with a way cool little utility called Air Droid. It allows you to connect to your phone through your wireless network, so you can move files on the phone through your computer.

Long press on the home screen. You should see  SHORTCUTS. Select SHORTCUTS, then select DIRECT DIAL. Select the phone number from your contact list you wish to tie to this emergency icon.  Now you should end up back at the home screen. Find the shortcut to that contact (the icon will probably be the icon you’d usually see in your contact list.) Long press that icon, and you’ll see EDIT. Select EDIT, change the name to something like Wife or Husband and their name, so they’ll know who they’re looking for. You can change the icon here too- while still in the editor, press the icon and you’ll see something called Select Picture. Select it, exit, and you’re done. You should now see this red and white ICE icon on your screen, which will dial the contact you’ve set with a single click.

You’ve got multiple screens on your phone, why not put a copy of this direct dial link on all your screens. That way no matter which screen is up, it’ll be right there. I put it in the upper left corner of all my screens, that way, if I’m in an emergency situation, I can just hit the upper left corner of any screen and my wife will be on the phone. Even if I don’t have my reading glasses on (and I am horribly blind without them) I can still see this icon easily and dial it.