Simplifying Life

Over the years, this web site had grown huge. The storage space on the web server was out of control, to say nothing of all the bandwidth my content was eating up. Sadly, many hundreds of my images were being hotlinked, they were showing up as background images at hundreds of personal websites, and worse, as Myspace backgrounds. I was burning through numerous gigs of bandwidth because of people using my artwork without permission, and it’s time to put a stop to it. I’m not going to allow people to link to my artwork without permission, much less paying for the bandwidth out of my own pocket. So I’ve done away with a great deal of content.

The massive image galleries are gone.
The 3D and fractal animations are gone.
The mp3 files of my music over the years are gone.

So, if you came here specifically for something, and you can’t find it, it’s gone. Now is the time for a fresh start, I’m on a new server, with a new hosting company, and I think the world has had their fill with all the crap I’ve made available over the years.  It’s time to pare down, get back to basics.

I’ll be going through my artwork and rebuilding the galleries, but they will contain the cream of the crop, not the massive pile of artwork that would take a visitor many hours to go through. So, stay tuned, things are being worked on, and I’ll get artwork back up again when I get a chance to get to it.

In the meantime, you can explore the numerous places I’m online these days, by paying a visit to this page.