Website design and hosting

I’ve been building websites since the very early days of the Internet, for myself and others, and I’m still at it. I’ve tried pretty much everything out there as far as the software used to build a site, and was thrilled when database driven websites came into existence. I have been using WordPress for quite a few years now, and it’s my all around favorite piece of software for building and maintaining a website.

I’ve learned the ropes on customizing themes, and am now building themes from the ground up. I can also modify existing themes to remove things that look “bloggy” and makes it look more like a standard web site. I run a web server, so I can create, host, and maintain your website, which makes it easier for you, the client, as you only have to deal with one company. From start to finish, I can design, build, and host a web site that’ll look good, and will be easy for you to update yourself.

Here’s some screen captures of websites I’ve built.