A year’s worth of wallpaper on CD!

EDIT: This CD is now out of print, there wont be any more made available.

I am finally finished with a project that’s been a couple of years in the making. I am offering a CD filled with selections of my artwork, to use as computer desktop wallpaper, or to use in your digital photo frame.

There are 365 images contained on this CD, there’s enough artwork to have an original piece of artwork, every single day, for an entire year. Click this image for the full sized preview.

Here's the artwork for the CD.

Here's the artwork for the CD.

You can see thumbnails of every piece of artwork that’s on this CD here.

You can get your copy quite a few ways.
You can go to me directly, I can accept paypal by sending payment to the email address steven at hilltopdesign.com
I’m happy to sign and date it for you, and directly from me is the only way to get a signed copy.
Cost is $25.00 per CD, shipping via US Post Office Priority Mail to addresses in the US, add $5.00.

You can stop in at the brand new Owl Tree Gallery in Lenoir City and pick up a copy there. Owl Tree Gallery, 117 East Broadway (past traffic light #16 going toward Loudon, on the right- green wood exterior) in Lenoir City, TN. I’m happy to have my work on display there, this one show has ALL my available artwork in one place, from framed and matted prints, artist trading cards, note cards, trinket boxes, everything.

Or- you can oder directly from the manufacturer here.

The cost is the same, $25.00
These will NOT be signed, they will ship directly from the manufacturer to you. However, this is the best option for using VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and DISCOVER CARD. This is also the best option for orders outside the US. You can calculate the actual shipping costs on this page.

This has been one of the most involved projects I’ve ever done, it’s taken two years to get this release created. These were created and rendered specifically for wide screen monitors, like laptops and wide screen LCD monitors, as well as in your digital photo frame. Frames are different from model to model, brand to brand. But you can copy the images to a thumb drive or flash card and put it into your frame. If your frame is wireless enabled, you could set the frame to grab images from your computer, so you could either copy the images to your hard drive.

There are 365 pieces of hand selected artwork. The selection ranges from some of my very earliest pieces to some of my latest works, which are created in a pseudo 3D version of the flame fractal software. I tried to give a good cross section of what I’ve created over the years, and I’m very happy with what this release contains.

For those with a more square shaped monitor, I haven’t forgotten you. You can either stretch the images to fit, or, you can select a different gallery of these same images, but already sized to fit 1024 x 768 pixel monitors. There will be a black bar on the top and bottom edge, so it’ll be like letterbox movies on your TV. Either way, they look good on almost any size monitor or digital picture frame. I’ve loaded these onto some monitors with a huge resolution setting, and they hold up beautifully.

One thing I wanted to mention- purchasing this release on CD allows you to use the images for your own personal use. They’re not to be shared, emailed to friends or family, made available for download on web sites, used on your web site, printed, modified, or used in any other way. You are allowed to use these for your monitor or digital frame. Of course, if you’ve got a computer at home and one at work, I have no problem with you using this artwork in both places.

I do license my work for various uses aside from this release, so use the contact form here to get in touch with me for your specific needs.