Search engines are funny

I live in a small town, Clinton Tennessee. For grins, I just googled:
digital artist clinton TN
I come up 1st and 4th ranking.

Then I googled:
artist clinton TN
1st and 6th ranking

Then I googled:
fractal artist clinton TN
1st ranking
Then I googled:
Steve artist TN
Second place

Then I googled:
Steve fractal
and came in on the 4th result

Clinton fractal pulls me up as the first result.

Googling clinton tn steve comes up with me as the first result. Am I the only Steve in Clinton Tn?

Googling fractal digital clinton pulls me up as the 3rd and 5th result.

Googling fractal clinton  pulls up 7th place.

I’m also finding that this post will appear at the top of the listings, so that’ll help track me down if all you remember is my first name and fractals. Too funny.

Steve and fractal pulls me up. How crazy and generic is that?
Search engine rankings intrigue me to no end, how bizarre.
EDIT: I originally wrote this up a couple of months ago, and since then, rankings have changed. Now let’s see if this post will change the listings.

EDIT: This post is indeed changing the rankings.

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