Apophysis Artists- you want this.

Dan over at my-fractals.com has written some code, and it’s a thing of beauty.
Download a few things, configure a simple ini file, and it can do some very cool stuff, like batch render flame files automatically when you dump them into a directory, then it can email the paramater file and the finished render to your.

First off, there’s an export script. Open a flame pack, then run the script. It writes all the flames as individual paramaters. Dump them into your flam3 directory. Change a few things in an ini file to reflect your settings, then fire up an executable that sits in your toolbar waiting for something to render. When it finishes the first one it finds, it renames the .flame file as a .done file. Then, if you have a SMPT mail server, it can even email you the paramater file, as well as the finished render.

There’s a litle tiny bit more than this, but even at this release, which is currently v 0.6. Unattended batch rendering- this is something that I’ve been dreaming about for quite a few years now. Just dump your exported flame files into a directory, and let it run. The beauty is that if you’ve got a home network, you can shoot files to render boxes and it’s all automated. Now, if I know someone that has a screamer computer and need a fast render, I can send them a zip file with everything pre-configured, have them unzip the folder, run the executable, and then dump the flame file I need rendered into that directory, and it’s hands off, it will email the finished image when it’s done.

If you’re tired of losing paramater files, set up a free Gmail account, then set up the ini file to send the finished render and the parameters to that email address. Then you’ll have off site, indexable, searchable archive of your fractals, as well as the finished renders. Now it’s safe and sound, and easy to get to. If you fill up that account, open a second account and contine making artwork.

How cool is that? It’s very cool, that’s how cool it is.
And when you get finished making high pitched squeee sounds when it does it’s thing, drop him a few bucks via paypal for the effort. He deserves a lot for such a beautiful piece of software. It will save you untold hours if you create and need to render a lot of Apophysis fractals. Dan has been taking people’s suggestions and revising it, and with each release, there’s more to get all giggly about.
You can find all these wonderful things, as well as more info on how it works, right here. LINK to my-fractals.com

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