Pandora Streaming Radio

I thought I’d share something cool with you. is a streaming radio station. You can create your own station based on artists or song titles, then it learns which songs you and others thing can go togther, more or less a station based on similar tastes in music. It learns as you go by voting thumbs up or thumbs down on the songs as they play. Or, you can just sit back and let it do it’s own thing.

I created a station around a year ago, which I’ve been fine tuning all along. It was based on the band October Project. Over the last year, I’ve been voting things in and out of the station, and figured I could turn you all on to some cool music you might not have heard before.

You can even make your own station for free- there’s no catch at all, no commercials on the broadcast of the music. It’s not a jukebox, you can’t set it to play a certain song you want to hear right away, but it’s still a very cool thing I’ve been enjoying for a year or so.

So, just click the link, and if you’ve got a zippy internet connection, it’ll stream for you. This is the stuff I listen to night and day as I work on things.

Link to October Project Station