A new look for 2007

I finally, FINALLY finished working on the way this site is laid out, and how it looks. I’ve learned more about how to tweak Word Press installations than I ever wanted to, but it’s cool, I’m slowly getting the hang of what happens when you change this, move that, that sort of thing.

For those of you that also run Word Press, let me clue you in on something weird that’s had me stumped for months. Some directories, like themes for example- I couldn’t delete the folder. I kept getting an error message saying the directory wasn’t empty, or I didn’t have permissions. Also, some themes refused to let me load them in the editor to tweak them- no matter which template file I clicked on, nothing would load except default.css

I finally got to the bottom of it. I’ve been using FireFTP, the ftp client for Mozilla. There’s a checkbox in the preferences section to show invisible files. That was part of the problem- there were invisible files in some folders. The file names were¬† named .DS_Store

These were apparently inside some zipped themes I’d downloaded. I’m guessing they’re some sort of file left behind by ftp clients? Anyway, they were inside zipped up themes, so search for these files and remove them before you upload them to your server. You’ll save yourself a lot of problems. Also, for some reason, Mac users include mac files in their packaged themes, which also wreak havoc on a PC, as well as on the server. Search through the files before uploading them.

So there you have it- this site has a new look, as does my other site, UnquietVisions.  If you see something gone screwy, please give a holler.

Oh, I also added some goodies to my sites. At the bottom of each post on the main page, you’ll find a link marked Share This. Give it a click- it’ll provide the capability to add the feed to various social bookmarking sites, as well as a way to email the link to that particular page to someone. Also, there’s now a contact form for my sites. You can use them to leave a note, comment, or even to subscibe to my newsletter, which is only used to announce new print releases at Unquiet Visions.

I hope these changes make it easier for visitors to navigate and find things around here.