Flame Fractal Video – high quality

This video clip is an animated flame fractal, with music I created from random samples of sounds and music. The video is a Flame Fractal, created through ElectricSheep.Org and used here under a creative commons license. The music was sampled, arranged, edited, and mixed entirely with Audacity, an open source audio editor.

This is the extended version. Play it in full screen if your computer can handle it, and turn up the sound, there’s lots of nuances in the background.

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This is a large download, over 900 megs in size, so please check out the streaming version of it on Google first, which is located here.

If you really want to see it at a larger size, you can grab it here. Feel free to share this video with others, it’s something a lot of people haven’t seen before, and it’s always cool to turn someone onto something new.

I did the editing on this, and also created the music. It was created by assembling dozens of sound clips, which is detailed here, along with mp3 downloads of the various incarnations of the music bed, which I saved in incremental steps as I worked. You can read the details of the music part of it here.