I’m Tinkering

For those visiting me lately, I’ve been thrashing around with code and hacking together some cool goodies for my site, namely the WordPress installation, which is what you’re reading right now.

I’ve been cutting bits and pieces and learning quite a bit as I’m experimenting, moving things around, enabling widgets and all sorts of other cool stuff. So if things look weird for a moment, hit refresh, and if I’ve just changed something, it’ll load properly again. Just hit the HOME link found on all the pages. Or, at least, I hope it’s appearing on all the pages. That’s the plan anyway. Send Cheetos.

Music bed files are available

I created a video project a few months ago, and created and mixed a music bed for the video, which is here. As I worked on the music, I created quite a few mixdown versions, which are located here.
I always enjoy glimpses of the creative process as people go about creating something, so if anyone has interest in listening to the various incarnations as I worked toward the finished project, feel free to take a listen and read the notes on what went on.

Google Video

I’ve put a couple of my video projects up on Google Video, so now you can stream them, now that they’re much smaller in file size. You lose a little with the compression and resizing, but running these at twice the regular size doesn’t look too bad- try viewing it full screen if you system and broadband connection will support full screen. This movie was done for Metacreations. It’s a Bryce demo movie, which was handed out on a software demo CD at graphics software trade shows. Discovery, my Bryce Movie-Google Video

This is a music video I’ve put together, it’s fractal flames in motion, coupled with music I composed for this project. This is the long version. Fractal Flame Demo Reel- Extended Mix

And, as promised, here’s the shorter version. Fractal Flame Demo Reel- Short Mix

Guest Showcase

Originally from 2002:

I was invited to showcase some of my artwork in a gallery on the website of Nikola Kitanovic, a well known poet and novelist from Serbia, Yugoslavia.

I’m posting this here as a reference, in hopes that one day I might have a clue as to what he’s referring to. This can all be found here.

To see his “review” of my work, on the right side of the page you see artists- look for Lareau. Clicking the letter I will take you to his review, clicking the letter G will show thumbnails of my artwork.

This is the intro to the artists he has listed, posted here to boost my self esteem when it gets low. ;)

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Old News

Old news, but it’s still good news.

New digs!

If you notice things a tad goofy here, it’s not you for once, it’s me. I’ve moved my domain to yet another web host, and I’m fighting to get things working properly, so pardon the dust.

Prints are now available!

It took longer than I expected to reach this point, but I am offering some of my artwork as a print, on both fine art paper, as well as canvas. It’s all at the website I built just for print releases, at Unquiet Visions.

A better version of Discovery is now available.

I now own a computer that’s got enough horsepower to compress the video I did years ago. I was able to take the raw, original, uncompressed version of my video and compress it as an MP4 video file. The video is much clearer, the audio is much better quality, and I was able to scale it up a little in size. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s available right here. Discovery

How I do it

I’ve been asked over the years how I do the strange stuff I do in Bryce, so I’ve created a little gallery of images to give you an idea of how I do what I do. How I do it.

I’ve launched a new website!Unquiet Visions May 17, 2005

I’m in the process of taking my artwork to the next level; I’m going to be offering some of my prints for sale. I’ve had many people asking for prints over the years, but I didn’t have a computer setup that could handle rendering images of the size I need to do prints. I bought a pile of parts recently, and built a computer from the ground up, a computer with one purpose- to sit under my desk and grind away at large images, a dedicated rendering box. It’s on it’s own battery backup system, so in the event of a temporary power glitch, it won’t lose days, or weeks worth of work. Or so that’s my plan, you know how that goes. ;) Going to the next level has been years in the making, and I’ve finally been able to pull things together and focus all my efforts into making prints. I’ve found a local printer in the back of one of the high end art galleries around here, and they do the GiclĂ©e prints for many famous artists. I met with them a couple of weeks ago to take the proverbial nickel tour of the shop, and I’m excited. I’m waiting for them to get some new glossy paper to see how well it holds details. Head over to Unquiet Visions. That will be the place to find out all the details as pieces are released.

Bryce 5.5 is available!
May 17, 2005

At long last, Bryce is out of beta, and I’m happy to say that Bryce 5.5 is now available, right here. I was able to participate in this beta as I’ve done in years past, and saw an insane amount of work done behind the scenes. I’m telling you, the folks at DAZ were working their tails off for this release. By the time we were done with the beta, no one was in the mood to see Bryce for a while. ;) We saw that program inside and out, and then some. I can assure you, it was worth the time and effort, our beloved Bryce has had a wonderful rebirth. I can tell you, from my own tests, that if you render scenes high in volumetric textures, or high reflection and refraction, this is an upgrade you’ve been dreaming of. With some scenes, it’s FAST. When’s the last time you heard the word FAST used in the same sentence as Bryce? Depending on what was in the scenes, I personally saw some render times slashed in HALF. Yes, I said HALF. The official word is that it’s 30% faster on average now, which I’d say is a good, realistic number. If you use Poser characters, DAZ has just done something you’ll love. You can now import and pose characters via a link inside Bryce to DAZ Studio, where you can change characters, poses, clothing, props- and when you exit, it automatically pops up inside Bryce’s main window. It’s a slick setup for those that do a lot of Poser stuff. There’s been an addition of some new sky presets, some imported object presets from yours truly, and new materials and textures, which have been sorted into groups that make more sense than they did before. For those that like working in Open GL, you’ll love the update they’ve done with this release. Terrain editing now has new brush sizes. If you’ve been frustrated by insanely slow render speed, this is going to put a mighty big, silly looking grin on your face. Go take a look at what’s new with DAZ’s Bryce 5.5 and go place your order. There’s some wonderful magic with this release.

Welcome to Hilltop Design

Welcome to the new and improved Hilltop Design.

Yeah, I know, I know, another incarnation? What can I say, I get restless with website design. This is officially V13. Yes, lucky (?!?) 13. I’m livin’ dangerously.

I’m streamlining things once again, I’m going to use WordPress as a content management system. That way I’ll be more likley to update this web site, plus it’ll be easier to find stuff around here. Stay tuned while I work the bugs out. And please, if you see something’s not right, or run across a dead link or something, let me know, mmkay?

So far so good integrating things, it’s almost done.